Making a Difference

People who possess disabilities are often extremely independent. They take pride in having the ability to complete tasks all on their own, while maintaining independence. That said, there are many wonderful organizations which make a difference in the lives of others. There are a wide range of disabilities that people deal with on a daily basis. These disabilities include both mental and physical issues. Some of them occur at birth, while others take place during a person’s life. Disabilities caused by genetic issues or injuries are the most common. It can be a traumatic experience when someone realizes that they will no longer be able to function in the ways in which they used to function.

If you’re interested in contributing to a disability organization, then you have many options. Some of the more notable disability organizations include: American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Council of the Blind, Lupus Foundation of America, Arthritis Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association. Many of these organizations are designed to meet the needs of people who desire the help. They raise money to help in research and they establish awareness as well. Additionally, they work to aid families of people who support a person with a disability.

The American Council of the Blind is an organization which raises money to support blind people. They also help them to find stable jobs and to be successful. People who are born with blindness tend to cope with their situation much more easily than someone who suffers blindness from a sudden injury. The Arthritis Foundation, in contrast, tends to work with a select demographic of people. Elderly people tend to have the most issues with arthritis as they age. Medication suggestions and therapy is provided by this wonderful organization. It is especially beneficial for families who do not have the money to alleviate the pain.

Alzheimer’s Disease is especially devastating. It contributes to a rapid loss of memory and it leaves many people feeling scared for the future. However, the Alzheimer’s Association gives hope to those who are afflicted with the disease, as well as the families who struggle to provide the necessary support for their loved ones. There is currently no cure for this disease, but that does not mean that people have to suffer without hope. you can still maintain a high quality of life if you take the time to let the organization present what it has to offer.

Contributing to a disability organization is rewarding and it allows you to add to your growing resume’ of good community service. The satisfaction you will receive from helping someone in need cannot be matched by any other feeling in the world. There are several different options when it comes to donation options. A small amount of money spent each day can go a long way to helping a person who is in need. Consider choosing an organization which represents a cause that you feel particularly strong about, and take the next step.